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Digital Readiness Survey:

What role should HR be taking in digital transformation?

Talentspringboard Digital Readiness Survey Results 2017

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Talentspringboard (TSB) has published its findings from its Global Digital Readiness Survey. The headline result is that HR will be instrumental in effective digital transformation by providing insights that help companies align their critical digital skills gap with their fast emerging, agile business designs and current workforce capability.

Using TSB’s Digital Readiness Model the survey reviewed five key aspects of Digital Transformation:

Talentspringboard Digital Readiness Model

Our TSB Global Digital Readiness Survey canvassed 300 leading organisations in public and private sector industries. The results confirm that most (66%) have executive team clarity on the formation of a Digital Strategy to attract or retain customers and / or to carve out efficiencies by integrating digital technologies and business re-engineering. However, only 36% believe this has given them a competitive advantage and 49% of organisations say they are struggling with implementation.


Fundamentally, HR needs to fast-track an aligned Digital Workforce Strategy to execute effective resourcing options from upskilling, re-deployment, hiring, use of independent workers and appropriate use of AI and robots within a frantic pace of change.

Here is a snapshot of key findings from the survey:

talentspringboard digital readiness report

Nearly all organisations admit to struggling on the People implications:

  • 89% agree that digitization requires new ways of working, but the change in mindset, skill set, and workforce mix have yet to be factored into many plans. Organisations tell us there is a difficulty in ensuring mindset and leadership alignment with Senior and Middle Managers who are being asked to execute the strategy.
  • Only 47% believe they are breaking down existing functional silos to create future Customer-centric Agile Organisation Designs™.
  • 56% of leading organisations do not believe that their current workforce has the digital knowledge or skills to deliver the new strategic goals. This indicates that there are issues around identifying critical roles; the required digital skills and most of all assessing current workforce capability.
  • 42% are failing to attract the necessary digital talents and 24% are having problems retaining existing digital workforce. This suggests that organisations need to look at reward and recognition programmes to ensure a more innovative New Age Employee Proposition™ to attract and retain their key high performing digital talents.

Talentspringboard is a combination of Management and HR Consultants addressing the workforce implications of digitization, our specialist tools include: TSB Functional Digital Surveys, TSB Agile Organisation Design™, and TSB Digital Skills Audits™. In addition, we provide expert strategic and technical advice through our Partner companies: mobileVision, Reply Living Network and mobileSolve.

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